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Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Spring 2015

It is spring 2015 and the emphasis has shifted. Our drawing teacher offered a plein air painting class in place of our drawing class this semester. I am having great fun, and am hoping that my teacher is going to survive the experience - there is just something about having your teacher look at your work, shake his head, and walk away mumbling. Just kidding. Our teacher is very patient with our wobbly art steps.

A few things about plein air painting:

  • The fresh air is amazing!
  • If your french easel is missing part of the hardware you need in order to extend the leg, prop it against the nearest fence.
  • If you forget your plexi-glass palette, and intensely dislike your wooden palette, make do with the inside top of the tin box that you carry your oil paint tubes in.
  • If your hair keeps blowing into your face the whole time that you are painting, plan ahead for the next event by getting a pony tail holder to hold your hair back, or getting your hair chopped off - whichever is cheaper. Hmmm - pony tail holder!
  • If you think the weather will definitely warm up - take an extra layer of clothing anyway. If you stand in the shade on a cool windy day, it may seem cooler than you expected.
I am also working on a colored pencil portrait. Hopefully, I will be able to share that with you later.

For now: Keep in mind that this is only the second plein air workshop I have ever attended. Most of my landscapes have been painted in the studio.

Plein Air Sketch
Plein Air Quick Study in Oils

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Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Still Life and Plein Air Painting

Today, we started our Still Life and Plein Air Painting class with Kraig Kiedrowski. We did super quick value studies using black and white acrylic paint. Thought you might enjoy seeing the results:

1st Painting - slightly longer time limit on this one
2nd Painting - shorter time limit - this needs the little box that was to the right of these 3 boxes