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Friday, August 10, 2018


New Samples and Landscapes

I decided to drop in on a Golden Acrylic demo that was being done here locally. I didn’t know if it would be pretty much the same as the one I had seen before or not, but repetition is not always a bad thing, and I love color. One thing you can definitely achieve with acrylics is lots of fun color. They gave us some samples for dropping by, and I decided to experiment with them.

First, I tried an ocean scene from photos I had taken when in the San Diego area. I used watercolor paper, Golden Polymer (medium gloss) Golden fluid acrylics, F&W acrylic inks, a very small amount of Liquitex (soft body), a very small amount of Liquitex string gel, and some Golden Soft Gel Gloss.

Next, I decided to simply build a scene using pretty much the same above mentioned supplies along with some Japanese paper. I placed this on a small canvas board (8” x 8”).