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Saturday, December 21, 2013

More Watercolor

I decided to try my Fluid EASY-BLOCK Watercolor Paper. I seem to have this incurable desire to play with my paints. I keep wondering if I should try to get over it.

Need to pull out my Escoda Brush next and try it.

Abstract Flow


Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update on Mother and Child Painting

I thought I would give everyone an update on my latest painting. Bold Brush Painting Competition has a fun way for people to pick their favorites. It has nothing to do with whether or not you win the competition. It does give the public a chance to show your favorites. Thank you for your support. If you click on the link below and you have Facebook, you can "like" my painting by clicking the Facebook "like" button.

Mother & Child


Hmmm! I just discovered a small problem. In order for your "like" to count as "unique," you have to go to the FASO link through Facebook. You can find my Facebook page listed in the upper right hand sidebar on this page. If you click on it and go to my page, you should be able to find the link to FASO and my painting. Thank you.

OK. Talked to FASO and they are saying that you have to go directly to their page and hit the like button in order for the like to be unique. They didn't mention it, but I am fairly sure that your Facebook page has to be open, or they will ask you to log into your page.

Monday, November 25, 2013

A Little Zen Doodle

I decided to play a little with Zen Doodle today. I figure it is probably a little bit like exercising the brain in an artistic way, and I don't see how it could possibly hurt to have worked on this when I return to oils, acrylics and watercolors. I have been working on the previous three. I got the isolation coat onto my acrylic painting, the varnish onto my oil painting, I worked some more on my water mixable oil painting, and pulled out an older watercolor painting and added some negative painting to areas in it.

For now I will show you my partial Zen Doodle.

Have a Happy Thanksgiving Holiday, everyone!

Zen Doodle that I am working on.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Latest Portrait

If you read my post from Nov. 1, then you know that I am working on a new portrait. Slowly, but surely, it is getting there. In the meantime, if you read the last post, here is how my daughter and her husband explained Trisomy-13 to their children.

Bubble Pop Photograhy

If you get a chance, please check out Bubble Pop Photograhy and view more of Lisa's lovely work. Yes, this spelling is the way it is listed. Lisa does lovely work and gets portraits with just the right amount of action so that they look natural.

This is how the grandchildren explained Trisomy-13 to us.

Unfinished Latest Painting - Royal Talens Cobra Paints

Primary Cyan, Primary Magenta, PrimaryYellow, Permalba White Water Mixable Oil Paint by Royal Talens. And this is how far my latest painting is now.

Friday, November 1, 2013

How Do You Explain ...?

It is 54 days before Christmas and I find myself thinking about the Nativity - probably because I notice all the preparations for the different winter holidays that are celebrated here in the US. People are already running around buying gifts to give to friends and family. It is also 1 year, 1 month, and 8 days since the day that Matthew was born. Which brings me to the inspiration for my latest painting (started yesterday). It is based on a photo I took the summer before Matt-Man was born. My daughter was consoling her daughter over something that had upset her. And so the photo reminded me of so many paintings over the years of Mother and Child. I also knew that my daughter was trying to figure out how you explain Trisomy-13 to a toddler. Not an easy task.

For this painting, I am using the 3 sample tubes of Cobra water mixable oil paints that I got when I was at the demo at Asel's in Dallas. I have been rather curious about how these paints work. Like anything you try, I am sure there is a learning curve. I have noticed that you can purchase a medium by Cobra that would probably help to spread the paints and I hope to pick some up before the next painting (or maybe the next layer of this painting). The paint itself seems a little gooey (that may be true of all water mixable paints) and it may be that I should have added some water to my brush.

Here is the under painting. Once the under painting is dry, I will work on it again.

Under Painting
Under Painting

Friday, October 18, 2013

Another Weekend Full of Fun

Last weekend I was able to take advantage of a very unique experience. Michael Mentler did a portrait demo at Asel's for Canson (and showed off his new paint by Rembrandt called Mentler's Mustard). I must say that the only disappointing aspect to this demo was the fact that it only lasted for 1 1/2 hrs. The first half of the demo was devoted to drawing the anatomy of the human skull (Mr. Mentler is so fast that he drew three different versions). Then he painted a monochromatic portrait study from a live model. Each brushstroke was placed with such deft assurance. The painting that is shown in my blog The Weekend was done with pastel and acetone, but Mike Mentler said that you could do the same thing with mineral spirits. I know that he talked about his new paint and I thought he gave a quick demo of the difference in color and opacity between the Naples Yellow and his Mentler's Mustard. He gave us so much information so fast that I am sitting here scratching my head trying to figure out exactly where he used the Mentler's Mustard. I thought he painted a little bit of it out for us to see, but I don't see it on the paper and don't think he used it in this portrait. After he liquified the pastel with the acetone, he lifted out highlights and added more pigment to get the mottling and values.

Mr. Mentler mentioned to us that Ellen Eagle is going to give a pastel painting workshop at his studio in Carrolton, TX, in February. He also mentioned that he is giving a workshop in Woostock, GA, early in December (there may already be a waiting list).

The icing on the cake for all this was the fact that for a very nominal fee, we got the demonstration and several Canson samples as well, including a sample of the Bruynzeel graphite pencils, aquarel pencils, and the Cobra water mixable oil colors by Rembrandt (the last of which I have already tested out as kid friendly with my grandkids).

That was last weekend. This weekend, I got a chance to attend a demonstration at Herweck's by Barbara Jackson on the use of Golden Acrylics and mediums and again, we received a very nice sample packet of paints and mediums. I was especially interested in her explanation of the mediums. Barbara gave very clear and concise descriptions of the products and had examples and samples of each.

If you are looking for more information on your favorite art products, you may want to check out your local art supply shops for demonstrations and workshops. Enjoy the adventure!

Monday, October 14, 2013

The Weekend

My husband and I got a chance to spend a fabulous weekend with family in the Dallas area (including members we had never had a chance to meet before), celebrating one beautiful wedding and reception, one sweet birthday, and even a demonstration at Asel's, which was done by Michael Mentler (watching Michael Mentler draw and paint in person is like watching an amazingly skilled magician at work).

I will have to share more about the weekend with you later. Suffice it to say, the whole weekend was amazing and lovely.

Michael Mentler's demo at Asel's in Dallas sponsored by Canson

Saturday, September 28, 2013

More Art Instruction

Just got back from a really terrific portrait painting workshop in Austin with Scott Waddell. It was a whole week of tremendous fun with fellow artists, and cram-packed with great information and instruction. The week was so full of information that there really wasn't time to finish a whole portrait, and that was OK. We got all the important points covered without having to complete a whole portrait. We spent two and a half days drawing from a live model and two and a half days painting from her. Here is what I managed to accomplish.

A great big thanks to Danny Grant of Austin, TX who worked so hard to set up the workshop, as well as to Scott Waddell who gave the workshop.

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Art Instruction

Hello everyone!

Sorry for the delay in writing. I haven't been hibernating (it's too early in the season for that), but I have been burrowed down in my studio watching a fabulous set of DVD's by Bryan Neher. I won these DVD's in a drawing that Bryan did - see, you can win cool goodies by entering a drawing.

The first few sets of DVD's were review for me: Drawing, Value, Color, Edges - and review is always a good thing, especially when it can possibly add new insights or an understanding from a different angle. Brian gives an easy to understand analogy of value and color in terms of a dimmer switch and thermostat. There is a tremendous amount of good information in these first sets of videos. Then came the dessert! Painting Outdoor Light. Now, I have to tell you that it is going to take me awhile to get the cognitive information and the motor skills from that DVD into perfect alignment simply because there is so much great information, both verbal and visual, to digest. So I am now munching, or perhaps more accurately, I am at the ruminating stage. This is the information that I have so diligently been searching for. In fact, I actually had the information, but he helped to put it together for me - you will especially be interested in the effects of color on the different planes of the face in outdoor light. Brian clearly explains the choices he makes as he paints and he shows you his palette as he is mixing his colors. You will also be interested to know that if you don't want to have to wait for DVD's in the mail, and you know how to download a link, you can get a break in the price.

Whether you are interested in painting or not, you simply have to view his lovely work. I first came across his work on Artist Daily several years ago when Brian's wife used to post it for him on that website. The portrait in his Painting Outdoor Light is of his lovely wife. I am personally hoping that Brian has more videos up his sleeve to offer to us later.

By the way, Brian, if you read this, thanks for helping to make my summer delightful!

Thursday, August 8, 2013

What Happens When ...?

So what happens when you experiment on the experiment?

San Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge - 2nd revision
Now that I have scanned this painting, I realize how very much difference the lighting makes. Depending on where I put this painting, the lighting makes it look so different. I couldn't fit the whole painting on my scanner, but here is what the scanned painting looks like.

San Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge - 2nd revision
The first is a photo taken outside in natural but indirect light. The second is scanned.

This painting really does appear different in different areas of the house as well as outdoors.

To compare progression on this painting, you can view: It Was Tough Duty - But Someone Had To Do It and This Week in a Nutshell - or Bean.

Sunday, August 4, 2013

I Read an Article

I read a comment by Michael Mentler (an artist whom I admire) and I came away with some interesting questions in my mind. He mentioned that you should keep your good paintings and destroy your bad ones. I found myself wondering, would I do that? I have been painting for a few years now - not full time. I have a job that doesn't include my painting, which obviously takes up some of my time, and I guess maybe some of my paintings are just for myself. Should I bother destroying these, or should I share them? I guess that remains to be seen. One painting in particular comes to mind. It is a painting that was painted soon after my last grandchild was born. He was beautiful, not like the average beautiful baby that is born. He was trizome-13 and only lived 36 hours, but they were an amazing 36 hours. A few months later, at Christmas time Matt's brother asked God, since he couldn't have his brother Matt there for Christmas, could he please have snow instead. And so it snowed for Christmas. Matt's brother lives in an area that seldom, but sometimes gets snow, and usually not for Christmas. Should I destroy the painting? I doubt that I would give it any awards in a contest. I also doubt that I will ever bother to destroy it.

I guess part of this reflection ties in with the recent death of my uncle. He lead a good and fulfilling life. He was 86 and left behind a great legacy - wife, kids and grandkids. The weekend was a time of letting go of him and celebrating his new life with his maker. It was also a marvelous opportunity to reconnect with family members, some of whom we played with as kids. All in all, it was a great weekend. One of my cousins opened his home up to us, and it was lovely. He and his wife have beautiful artwork. I loved every piece that I saw.

And so I guess I am left with the age-old question - what is good art?

It Snowed for Christmas

It Snowed for Christmas

Saturday, July 20, 2013

This Week in a Nutshell - or Bean

Wanted to work on my art so this week I have been drawing beans. Twenty-six beans yesterday, 17 beans today, and many more to come - I am sure. I am trying to get better at figure drawing, which helps with drawing anything in space. So beans it is. I also went back through my photos and worked on picking photos that I want to consider for paintings. And, I keep walking past that acrylic painting that I did right before going on vacation. I am trying to decide if that needs to go into a file folder marked "Fix It Later." I am certain that I will eventually figure out what to do with it even if it is gesso and repaint. I wanted texture, but am wondering if the bubbles from the Acrylic Flow Improver, combined with the smooth panel, may have given a little too much texture. It does work well for the bricks or rocks on the bridge and ground. I'm going to have to experiment some more. It should eventually morph into something.

I am trying to keep up with both painting and drawing so that I don't lose ground in either. I am going to temporarily switch from drawing beans to gesture drawings. I still need to practice that, and I still need to wrap my head around the combination of twisting and bending put together that you have to think about with the beans.

At any rate, just so that you have something to look at, here is a photo from video footage that I took on July 4, when we visited California.

Cabrillo National Monument

And, by the way, I am still working on this.

San Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge - revised

Monday, July 8, 2013

It Was Tough Duty - But Someone Had To Do It

Just got back from vacation and as the title shows, it was tough duty, but somebody just had to do it. As you can see from these 2 last blogs, the food and beach were regimens that just had to be done. I mainly kicked back and absorbed the sights, sounds and smells, but also used my handy camera to capture scenes that I would like to paint. Probably the most "work" I did was in trying to keep up with my gesture drawing. It was fun to just relax. I will try to post some scenes later (either painted or photos).

In the meantime, I had started a painting with my new supplies from Jerry's Artarama that I had ordered. I had gotten some new acrylic medium that I wanted to try out, along with Ampersand's "The artist PANEL" primed smooth. As usual, it was an experiment. I had to stop and go on vacation (sigh) and now I am at that stage of "What do I do next?"

So here is the latest and, no I don't think that it is quite finished yet.

San Antonio Japanese Garden Bridge

Wednesday, June 19, 2013

I Got It!

YES! I finally got it! Remember, I told you that I would let you know more when I finally got my new faucet? Well, I got it. It arrived today. Yep, right on my porch! Am I a little excited? I would say so. Took a picture of it already. It is still in the box and not looking very glamorous -- yet. But, I promise that you will get to see the "glam" shot later when my new Lita faucet is installed. I'm so excited, I could do the "Snoopy" dance right now. Do you all remember that? The way Snoopy would do his little dance when he was happy? You know, the Charles Schulz comic strip? Sorry, I just had to give a little blurb for artistic endeavors and bring in a little nostalgia.

So, be sure to tune in later for the elegant debut of Lita in upcoming months. In the meantime here is a glimpse of Lita.

My Amazing Lita Faucet That I Won From Pfister 

Tuesday, June 18, 2013

A Little Art in the Family

Hello everyone. I hope you don't mind the shorter posts. It takes you and me both less time. I spend less time writing them, and you spend less time reading them. That way, maybe you will actually have the time to check in and read my blog.

So, what to explore this week? Thought I would share some artwork by our grand kids. You realize that I have very carefully written up one lesson plan after another and given very intricate lessons. Hmmm. Actually, I walk in the door, my grand kids beg for my Asus Slate, I hand it to them and the rest is history. They do ask me to save their work for them because they are not sure where to find the file to save it to -- for the time being that is. They will probably learn that on their own the next time that I visit.

I have to laugh; I promise you that they are better at using the digital art software than I am. Give me a brush. Don't get me wrong. I like the digital art programs and have fun with them, but there is just something about a brush, real paint, and real paper or canvas. And I see that with them, too. They love the digital, but they like to go back and forth between the two.

Sorry, that I didn't get a picture of their artwork on paper (my excuse is that my battery on my camera was dead). But here is a peak at their digital work. Enjoy!



Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Introducing Something New From Proko

I have been sitting here wondering what I should say in this weeks post, and I have to tell you that procrastination has paid off. While I have been wondering what to say, I received an email from Proko (Stan Prokopenko), a young artist who is getting ready to introduce an online drawing course. This will be figure drawing so it will be for those who are serious about drawing people. Proko gets into gesture drawing right away, so you won't be drawing any static stick figures. Those are probably good for learning about proportion, but you will learn that from his course as well. I have been watching some of Proko's free videos, and I am impressed. Getting gesture is so important to being able to capture emotion and energy in a drawing or painting. Three things that have impressed me about his presentation:
  • Proko is very respectful in his presentation of the human body.
  • Proko is so funny and entertaining.
  • Proko is either a natural when it comes to teaching, or has had training in ways to help people remember key points.
Proko will begin his online classes on June 17th, at: (for free, limited videos)

He is offering both free classes (this will probably be listed under videos), or Premium classes (for a fee). Be sure to check his site out!

Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Hope that today is a lovely day for everyone who has served, or had loved ones and/or friends who have served to keep our country safe and free.

This won't be a long post, but I wanted to share something that I had a chance to test out this past week. I bought my grand kids some of the Crayola Brand watercolor paints. I just happened to purchase them from Target, and no, neither Target, nor Crayola are paying me to say this. This is strictly my personal opinion, but I was so delighted with the results. The colors of the pigments are terrific and judging by working with these pigments everyday for a week, they mean what they say when they claim that they are washable. (They do cover themselves with a disclaimer that there could be something that might stain under the "right" circumstances). However, we didn't end up with stains on anything. Now these may not be archival quality paints, but with toddlers, you are looking for safe use and easy clean-up - not archival. If we really wanted archival, we would probably hire our kids/grand kids to paint our houses - but that is not very likely to happen.

At any rate, we had so much fun and with none of the stress and worry of ruining clothing or carpet. I was even amazed at how well we could "lift" the color off of the paper if we didn't like what we had applied. So, if your kids are bored today, you might want to wander over to any store selling the Crayola Brand of watercolor paints and give them a try. Each palette had its own self contained brush and the price couldn't be beat.

Sunday, May 26, 2013

The Valentine T-Shirts

Remember the Valentine T-Shirts? You know, the ones with my grandkid's favorite cat on them? I wrote a blog about it: Valentine's Day Is Coming. Well, I promised you that I would get a picture to show you. So here it is - their Valentine T-Shirts with a copy of my painting of their cat attached:

Can't get any better than this!

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That Girl is Always Playing With Her Paints and Goofing Off

Sounds like me!

After working on my waterfall series, I didn't really feel like working on a "serious" project. I did want to keep painting, and I wanted to try something abstract. Also,it just so happens that I had just purchased a wonderful set of french curves by Alvin & Co. from Amazon. I wanted my next painting to have flowing graceful lines and I wanted to just play with the paints and colors. This particular painting is watercolor. I tried to bring the different colors together with one very light glaze of New Gamboge (to try to pull all the wild colors together a little) but I didn't want to totally lose the stained glass effect. I am not sure that New Gamboge was the best color to try over the Cerulean, but that is what I tried. And so, just for fun, I painted this:

French Curves

Thursday, May 9, 2013

Left Over Paint

Because I had left over paint, I had to try to use as much of it as I could. Saving acrylic paint is not easy (although it can be done). Luckily, acrylic paint can be layered. Because this is an experiment, that is exactly what I am doing, and because this is an experiment, if it doesn't work out, it's not a problem.

Still working on it

Glad this is an experiment. The comments below will clarify why.

What NOT To Do When Painting With Acrylic

Unless you want to create a dress with polka-dots on it, do not, I repeat, DO NOT answer the phone while painting with acrylic, especially if you have any Thalo Blue paint on your brush. Why? Because, if you are a watercolorist, you will instinctively grab a tissue to dab up the excess paint and with every dab you will create terrific little dots - like you would want only on a polka-dot dress, and not in the sky of a landscape painting.

So, now I am back to square one with this painting and seriously thinking about the merits of the trash can. All is not lost. The upside of today's work is: I have learned how to add subtle polka-dots to a dress, and I started another painting, which so far, I have not managed to destroy. Now, if necessary, I can ignore the lack of color harmony on the bottom portion of this painting - unless somehow I can figure out how to add fifty zillion birds to the sky.

Other Possibilities:

  • There is always Gesso.
  • I can buy acrylic medium and use this as the base painting for another experiment!
  • I can tear this painting into funny little pieces and use it in a collage.
  • I need new wall paper for the bathroom. (not an option - The painting isn't large enough and I would probably have to add pterodactyls to the sky in order to cover the spots.)
  • I can paint the sky white and see if that makes things a million times worse.
  • I will figure out something.
One last thing, be sure to edit your post before hitting the "post" button. You will almost always find errors.

Worked On The Painting Some More:

Above, I have my original composition.

Above, I tried turning the original composition upside-down.

Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Just Having Fun

So, what did I do with the leftover acrylic paint last week? I grabbed another piece of watercolor paper, more water, and I played with my paints!

Playing With Leftover Acrylic Paint

No expectations, just having fun figuring out just what my paints will do.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Just Had To Try This In Acrylics

For those of you who have followed my series San Antonio Japanese Garden Waterfall, I have one more painting that I did - this time in acrylics. I have kept this to the same setting in order to get an idea of what I can manage to capture in the different media and what I need to work on in each one. That seemed easier to figure out if I kept all the paintings basically the same. The first was more of a drawing, in Prismacolor markers; the second, watercolor; the third, oils; and the forth, acrylic. It was fun and at times exasperating - especially when I had to remind myself to work with the qualities of the particular medium I was using, rather than battle it and try to make it work like another medium. Someday, I hope to simplify it down to a simple pen and ink drawing. That may be awhile.

So here is the acrylic:

San Antonio Japanese Gardens Waterfall - acrylic

Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Latest: San Antonio - Japanese Gardens Painting

Ok, so I am sitting here quietly kicking myself. Why? Because for once procrastination might have worked in my favor. Yes, as you see, on Saturday, I decided that I wanted to try to do my watercolor painting of the San Antonio Japanese Gardens, and enter it into a competition. I used my photo along with my drawing that I had done using Prismacolor markers to work from. Once I got the watercolor painting finished, I entered it into the composition, but then today, I decided to do a copy of the painting in oil paint. And wouldn't you know it? It came out pretty nice. And so, now I am thinking - well maybe I should have waited and entered this one. Of course I didn't really have any plans to do this one until today - at least, no for sure plans. I had kind of half way tossed the idea around in my head to do an oil version, and then remembered what I am like with oil paints. I have a picture on my Facebook page that reminds me of what I am like with oil paints in my hands. The painting is of a young child, totally absorbed in his painting and totally covered with paint. And sure enough, by the time the canvas was covered with paint, so was I. The good thing - I totally enjoyed myself, completed another painting, and have something to enter into another painting contest if I choose to. I also have something new to share with you on my blog.

Prismacolor Markers

Watercolor Version

Oil Painted Version
And before I go, one final note. I want to sincerely thank my Cafe Press patrons who have purchased my artwork on everyday items that they can use while enjoying my art. Hope my art helps to brighten each of your days for you.

Did a little more work on the flowers

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Whimsical World: {HUGE Giveaway} Pfister Faucets

Don't forget to check out the second half of Pfister Faucets great giveaway. Pfister has chosen Our Whimsical World (blog) to host the second half of the give away for them. Be sure to enter the contest and brows through Kaitlin's blog!

Our Whimsical World: {HUGE Giveaway} Pfister Faucets:

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend, I decided to work on a really quick illustration of a picture I had taken at the Japanese Gardens in San Antonio, TX. During the spring, this place is magnificent. So, I used some watercolor paper (140lb. Arches) and my Prismacolor markers. I was trying to decide if I want to make this into a full fledged painting. I think the answer is, yes.

By the way, on the Pfister faucet - I chose Lita.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Exciting News!

Before I get into the not so new, but ever so true tip about painting and artwork, I would like to announce some exciting news.

 I actually won a Pfister faucet! Can you feel my excitement across the internet? I wrote my blog, entered the contest, and WON!

I will tell you more later after I decide for sure which faucet to pick. I will very likely go with my original "like."

And now for a tip that is not really new, but it does prove to be true - at least for me. If you are an artist and not really in the mood to do a full-fledged project then pull a few supplies out along with the support (paper, canvas, etc) that you don't mind ruining and just play. Yes, play with your art supplies. You don't always have to create a masterpiece. You learn something new every time, and in under 15 -20 minutes.

So, yesterday, I played with my art.

The outcome?

An Iris
Have a nice day!

Pfister's contest ends April 22, 2013.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Exciting News!

The other day, I got an email from Pfister inviting me to do some guest posts for them. I was immediately shocked, amazed, excited and overwhelmed. Me? Then they came up with something even neater to sweeten the mix. They added a contest. The bloggers that they have invited will pick their favorite faucet out of Pfister's WaterSense line of faucets, and explain why it is their favorite. The bloggers will then be added into a random drawing to win a Pfister faucet. Then the fun begins for "Pfister's entire social community (including my readers)" to be able to enter a contest, which is open to the public. Starting today "entries are being accepted on Pfister's Earthday Blog entry via" something they call "a Rafflecopter giveaway." See Pfister's Earth Day Giveaway.

In order for you to understand why I am so excited, you need to understand that my husband and I are already preparing to upgrade our 37 year old kitchen and bathrooms because they are - well - 37 years old. The faucets have been replaced a few times from shear wear and tear. Some of the faucets that we have had in the past were not Pfister. But guess what faucets we buy now. Pfister! Why do we buy Pfister? Mainly because of their ceramic cartridge - it is in their Pfirst series. Our personal experience with the ceramic cartridges has been great. You know how washers in faucets can go bad and leak? We personally managed to solve the problem of replacing washers frequently by going with Pfister. We have also found Pfister to be sturdy. We have been using our current kitchen faucet long enough for it to get encrusted with lime deposits, but I cleaned it up today and it looks like new. At least some of the faucets have a warranty called Pforever Pfister - look it up on their website and see what you think. Another thing you should check out is their Universal Tub & Shower Upgrade Kit. If you want a WaterSense faucet, and don't currently have Pfister, you may be able to use their universal upgrade kit.

So which WaterSense faucets did I choose? For the bathroom sinks, I have chosen:  Pasedena Widespread Bath Faucet (F-049-PDKK) - Brushed Nickel

I like the strong, sturdy rectangular base of the faucet mixed with the flowing gestural curve to the spout. It seems the perfect mix of male to female elements for a shared bathroom. I like the design detail of the flared end to the spout of the faucet. It makes the faucet appear more graceful. The Pasadena Roman Tub fixtures will be for the tub unless Pfister upgrades their Pasadena Tub & Shower fixtures to more closely resemble the bathroom faucets by the time we remodel. The Pasadena Roman Tub and the Pasadena Widespread Bath Faucet both have the Pfister Pforever Warranty. The WaterSense faucets could save the average home 30% in water consumption.

For the kitchen, I have chosen, Lita Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet - Stainless Steel Model #GT529- SMS. I like the smooth, clean, graceful lines - like a swan. You can pull out the spray head to easily reach any area of the sink and it has what they call their AccuDock system to ensure that the head of the faucet goes back into place like it should. This model is CAL Green compliant which could save the home 20% in water consumption. These faucets could help us conserve water and save money on our water bill, both.

And just to show you how well Pfister lasts, here is a picture of our current Pfister F-WKP-70 Pull-Out Kitchen faucet. I would only trade it for another Pfister.

Pfister's Earth Day Giveaway


Are you guys sitting down? I just won a Pfister faucet! I will get back with you later on my choice.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today's Quick Sketch

Hello everyone!

Thought I would just give you a glimpse of today's quick sketch. Enjoy! Wanted to try a little pen and ink.

Thinking about adding some color to this.
I just had to add color to this! I had some Prismacolor Markers that have been sitting around gathering dust and so I just had to pull them out and work on this some more.

FLOWERS - with color

Thursday, March 28, 2013

Announcing Newest Work

I just wanted to take a moment to announce some of my latest work that I have posted. This is in photography. To see more, click on the following link.

Margo Schwirian See Me/Exposure 2013  (Photography)

Thank you for taking a moment to view it.

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Past Experiments

Hello everyone,

Today, I thought that I would share some past experiments in my art with you. You know, those paintings or drawings that you put aside and walked around for a few years. Some of them you finally decide are finished, and some you are still scratching your head over.

Experiment 1

No title yet
Started this one in class

Painted this one a few years ago in my watercolor painting class and I am still scratching my head over it. There are things about it that I really like and someday I hope to finish it.

Experiment 2

Painted this one when I was creeped out from watching all the news on TV. I now do my utter best not to bother watching the news.

No title - probably won't ever have one
Started this one in class

Painted on my own
based on photo
Experiment 3

Wanted to try an abstract painting. I had never really bothered trying to paint one.

Experiment 4

Painted in class from photo
provided by art teacher

My art teacher suggested that I paint chile peppers because I had no clue what I should paint.

Experiment 5

Drew this because I wanted to experiment with ink.

No title - did this on my own
based on a photo

Experiment 6

No title - wanted to experiment
with capturing a more graphic
look, and hoped to capture a
sense of movement.
This was also based on a photo

Hope you have enjoyed a little time travel to the past. If you would like, on March 31 you can vote on the Fine Art America contest called Baseball. You have to click through the different paintings to find mine called Sports. The contest is just for fun. There is no prize other than congratulations, yours got picked! Vote for the one that you like - may or may not be mine.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great week!

Sunday, March 17, 2013

Really Short and Sweet

If you liked my post last week, you are really going to like my post this week. This is my latest painting I am working on, and if you want to see the finished product, you are going to have to come back and check it out next week. Sorry, it doesn't have a title yet.

This is what I call the steeping stage. I walk past the painting umpteen jillion times trying to decide what else it needs. Enjoy - the painting and the week.

Superfun to be Supergirl

I am still at it! I call this the "noodling stage." It is that stage where I keep trying to figure out what else my painting needs. Sometimes I go into the noodle stage too far and end up with a piece that might end up in a collage. So here it is, the next stage of Superfun to be Supergirl.

Superfun to be Supergirl
I guess that you guys will have to decide.