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Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Some Past Experiments

Hello everyone,

Today, I thought that I would share some past experiments in my art with you. You know, those paintings or drawings that you put aside and walked around for a few years. Some of them you finally decide are finished, and some you are still scratching your head over.

Experiment 1

No title yet
Started this one in class

Painted this one a few years ago in my watercolor painting class and I am still scratching my head over it. There are things about it that I really like and someday I hope to finish it.

Experiment 2

Painted this one when I was creeped out from watching all the news on TV. I now do my utter best not to bother watching the news.

No title - probably won't ever have one
Started this one in class

Painted on my own
based on photo
Experiment 3

Wanted to try an abstract painting. I had never really bothered trying to paint one.

Experiment 4

Painted in class from photo
provided by art teacher

My art teacher suggested that I paint chile peppers because I had no clue what I should paint.

Experiment 5

Drew this because I wanted to experiment with ink.

No title - did this on my own
based on a photo

Experiment 6

No title - wanted to experiment
with capturing a more graphic
look, and hoped to capture a
sense of movement.
This was also based on a photo

Hope you have enjoyed a little time travel to the past. If you would like, on March 31 you can vote on the Fine Art America contest called Baseball. You have to click through the different paintings to find mine called Sports. The contest is just for fun. There is no prize other than congratulations, yours got picked! Vote for the one that you like - may or may not be mine.

Thanks for dropping by, and have a great week!

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