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Sunday, March 17, 2013

Really Short and Sweet

If you liked my post last week, you are really going to like my post this week. This is my latest painting I am working on, and if you want to see the finished product, you are going to have to come back and check it out next week. Sorry, it doesn't have a title yet.

This is what I call the steeping stage. I walk past the painting umpteen jillion times trying to decide what else it needs. Enjoy - the painting and the week.

Superfun to be Supergirl

I am still at it! I call this the "noodling stage." It is that stage where I keep trying to figure out what else my painting needs. Sometimes I go into the noodle stage too far and end up with a piece that might end up in a collage. So here it is, the next stage of Superfun to be Supergirl.

Superfun to be Supergirl
I guess that you guys will have to decide.

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