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Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Sports Plush Baseball Sports Margo's Art by Margo Schwirian

If you all thought that last week's post was short and sweet, you are going to be absolutely delighted with this week's post.

To begin with, I finally made it back to a watercolor class that I used to go to. We were studying how to add abstract elements to realism so that you have a mixture of the two.  The example for style that my art teacher gave, was from work by JeannieMcGuire.

I had a photo of my grandkids from a Little League (or do they call it more like Toddler League at this age?) practice that I had taken, so for a lark, I tried it out. I was pleased with the outcome and even more pleased when I discovered that I could add the painting to a baseball through Cafe Press for my Cafe Press Shop.

The Painting: Sports

This was one of those paintings that I really enjoyed doing. It just strengthened my realization that I truly do enjoy painting people. And so, that is pretty much all for the excitement this week. Thanks for staying tuned.

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