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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Latest: San Antonio - Japanese Gardens Painting

Ok, so I am sitting here quietly kicking myself. Why? Because for once procrastination might have worked in my favor. Yes, as you see, on Saturday, I decided that I wanted to try to do my watercolor painting of the San Antonio Japanese Gardens, and enter it into a competition. I used my photo along with my drawing that I had done using Prismacolor markers to work from. Once I got the watercolor painting finished, I entered it into the composition, but then today, I decided to do a copy of the painting in oil paint. And wouldn't you know it? It came out pretty nice. And so, now I am thinking - well maybe I should have waited and entered this one. Of course I didn't really have any plans to do this one until today - at least, no for sure plans. I had kind of half way tossed the idea around in my head to do an oil version, and then remembered what I am like with oil paints. I have a picture on my Facebook page that reminds me of what I am like with oil paints in my hands. The painting is of a young child, totally absorbed in his painting and totally covered with paint. And sure enough, by the time the canvas was covered with paint, so was I. The good thing - I totally enjoyed myself, completed another painting, and have something to enter into another painting contest if I choose to. I also have something new to share with you on my blog.

Prismacolor Markers

Watercolor Version

Oil Painted Version
And before I go, one final note. I want to sincerely thank my Cafe Press patrons who have purchased my artwork on everyday items that they can use while enjoying my art. Hope my art helps to brighten each of your days for you.

Did a little more work on the flowers

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Our Whimsical World: {HUGE Giveaway} Pfister Faucets

Don't forget to check out the second half of Pfister Faucets great giveaway. Pfister has chosen Our Whimsical World (blog) to host the second half of the give away for them. Be sure to enter the contest and brows through Kaitlin's blog!

Our Whimsical World: {HUGE Giveaway} Pfister Faucets:

Monday, April 22, 2013

This Weekend

This weekend, I decided to work on a really quick illustration of a picture I had taken at the Japanese Gardens in San Antonio, TX. During the spring, this place is magnificent. So, I used some watercolor paper (140lb. Arches) and my Prismacolor markers. I was trying to decide if I want to make this into a full fledged painting. I think the answer is, yes.

By the way, on the Pfister faucet - I chose Lita.

Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Exciting News!

Before I get into the not so new, but ever so true tip about painting and artwork, I would like to announce some exciting news.

 I actually won a Pfister faucet! Can you feel my excitement across the internet? I wrote my blog, entered the contest, and WON!

I will tell you more later after I decide for sure which faucet to pick. I will very likely go with my original "like."

And now for a tip that is not really new, but it does prove to be true - at least for me. If you are an artist and not really in the mood to do a full-fledged project then pull a few supplies out along with the support (paper, canvas, etc) that you don't mind ruining and just play. Yes, play with your art supplies. You don't always have to create a masterpiece. You learn something new every time, and in under 15 -20 minutes.

So, yesterday, I played with my art.

The outcome?

An Iris
Have a nice day!

Pfister's contest ends April 22, 2013.

Monday, April 15, 2013

Exciting News!

The other day, I got an email from Pfister inviting me to do some guest posts for them. I was immediately shocked, amazed, excited and overwhelmed. Me? Then they came up with something even neater to sweeten the mix. They added a contest. The bloggers that they have invited will pick their favorite faucet out of Pfister's WaterSense line of faucets, and explain why it is their favorite. The bloggers will then be added into a random drawing to win a Pfister faucet. Then the fun begins for "Pfister's entire social community (including my readers)" to be able to enter a contest, which is open to the public. Starting today "entries are being accepted on Pfister's Earthday Blog entry via" something they call "a Rafflecopter giveaway." See Pfister's Earth Day Giveaway.

In order for you to understand why I am so excited, you need to understand that my husband and I are already preparing to upgrade our 37 year old kitchen and bathrooms because they are - well - 37 years old. The faucets have been replaced a few times from shear wear and tear. Some of the faucets that we have had in the past were not Pfister. But guess what faucets we buy now. Pfister! Why do we buy Pfister? Mainly because of their ceramic cartridge - it is in their Pfirst series. Our personal experience with the ceramic cartridges has been great. You know how washers in faucets can go bad and leak? We personally managed to solve the problem of replacing washers frequently by going with Pfister. We have also found Pfister to be sturdy. We have been using our current kitchen faucet long enough for it to get encrusted with lime deposits, but I cleaned it up today and it looks like new. At least some of the faucets have a warranty called Pforever Pfister - look it up on their website and see what you think. Another thing you should check out is their Universal Tub & Shower Upgrade Kit. If you want a WaterSense faucet, and don't currently have Pfister, you may be able to use their universal upgrade kit.

So which WaterSense faucets did I choose? For the bathroom sinks, I have chosen:  Pasedena Widespread Bath Faucet (F-049-PDKK) - Brushed Nickel

I like the strong, sturdy rectangular base of the faucet mixed with the flowing gestural curve to the spout. It seems the perfect mix of male to female elements for a shared bathroom. I like the design detail of the flared end to the spout of the faucet. It makes the faucet appear more graceful. The Pasadena Roman Tub fixtures will be for the tub unless Pfister upgrades their Pasadena Tub & Shower fixtures to more closely resemble the bathroom faucets by the time we remodel. The Pasadena Roman Tub and the Pasadena Widespread Bath Faucet both have the Pfister Pforever Warranty. The WaterSense faucets could save the average home 30% in water consumption.

For the kitchen, I have chosen, Lita Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet - Stainless Steel Model #GT529- SMS. I like the smooth, clean, graceful lines - like a swan. You can pull out the spray head to easily reach any area of the sink and it has what they call their AccuDock system to ensure that the head of the faucet goes back into place like it should. This model is CAL Green compliant which could save the home 20% in water consumption. These faucets could help us conserve water and save money on our water bill, both.

And just to show you how well Pfister lasts, here is a picture of our current Pfister F-WKP-70 Pull-Out Kitchen faucet. I would only trade it for another Pfister.

Pfister's Earth Day Giveaway


Are you guys sitting down? I just won a Pfister faucet! I will get back with you later on my choice.

Wednesday, April 3, 2013

Today's Quick Sketch

Hello everyone!

Thought I would just give you a glimpse of today's quick sketch. Enjoy! Wanted to try a little pen and ink.

Thinking about adding some color to this.
I just had to add color to this! I had some Prismacolor Markers that have been sitting around gathering dust and so I just had to pull them out and work on this some more.

FLOWERS - with color