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Sunday, February 1, 2015

Introduction to Human Anatomy for Artists by Stan Prokopenko with Marshall Woodruff

If you are interested in being able to draw figures that do not look stiff and static, then you will probably understand what I am working on here. I am taking a course that is being offered by Stan Prokopenko and Marshall Woodruff called  Introduction to Human Anatomy for Artists. This is not a paid promotional plug for their course. I just happen to be taking the course and learning a great deal. The example below is the part where Marshall has explained a simplified version of some of the bones of the skeleton and the types of joints that connect them (example of the shoulder shown below). There are free versions of the videos and if you want a more in depth explanation there is a paid version that is very reasonable. This is a fun way to learn about drawing the figure in perspective.

Shoulder and Upper Arm Assignment

(Marshall's explanation)