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Tuesday, April 30, 2013

The Latest: San Antonio - Japanese Gardens Painting

Ok, so I am sitting here quietly kicking myself. Why? Because for once procrastination might have worked in my favor. Yes, as you see, on Saturday, I decided that I wanted to try to do my watercolor painting of the San Antonio Japanese Gardens, and enter it into a competition. I used my photo along with my drawing that I had done using Prismacolor markers to work from. Once I got the watercolor painting finished, I entered it into the composition, but then today, I decided to do a copy of the painting in oil paint. And wouldn't you know it? It came out pretty nice. And so, now I am thinking - well maybe I should have waited and entered this one. Of course I didn't really have any plans to do this one until today - at least, no for sure plans. I had kind of half way tossed the idea around in my head to do an oil version, and then remembered what I am like with oil paints. I have a picture on my Facebook page that reminds me of what I am like with oil paints in my hands. The painting is of a young child, totally absorbed in his painting and totally covered with paint. And sure enough, by the time the canvas was covered with paint, so was I. The good thing - I totally enjoyed myself, completed another painting, and have something to enter into another painting contest if I choose to. I also have something new to share with you on my blog.

Prismacolor Markers

Watercolor Version

Oil Painted Version
And before I go, one final note. I want to sincerely thank my Cafe Press patrons who have purchased my artwork on everyday items that they can use while enjoying my art. Hope my art helps to brighten each of your days for you.

Did a little more work on the flowers

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