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Thursday, April 18, 2013

More Exciting News!

Before I get into the not so new, but ever so true tip about painting and artwork, I would like to announce some exciting news.

 I actually won a Pfister faucet! Can you feel my excitement across the internet? I wrote my blog, entered the contest, and WON!

I will tell you more later after I decide for sure which faucet to pick. I will very likely go with my original "like."

And now for a tip that is not really new, but it does prove to be true - at least for me. If you are an artist and not really in the mood to do a full-fledged project then pull a few supplies out along with the support (paper, canvas, etc) that you don't mind ruining and just play. Yes, play with your art supplies. You don't always have to create a masterpiece. You learn something new every time, and in under 15 -20 minutes.

So, yesterday, I played with my art.

The outcome?

An Iris
Have a nice day!

Pfister's contest ends April 22, 2013.

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