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Thursday, December 5, 2013

Update on Mother and Child Painting

I thought I would give everyone an update on my latest painting. Bold Brush Painting Competition has a fun way for people to pick their favorites. It has nothing to do with whether or not you win the competition. It does give the public a chance to show your favorites. Thank you for your support. If you click on the link below and you have Facebook, you can "like" my painting by clicking the Facebook "like" button.

Mother & Child


Hmmm! I just discovered a small problem. In order for your "like" to count as "unique," you have to go to the FASO link through Facebook. You can find my Facebook page listed in the upper right hand sidebar on this page. If you click on it and go to my page, you should be able to find the link to FASO and my painting. Thank you.

OK. Talked to FASO and they are saying that you have to go directly to their page and hit the like button in order for the like to be unique. They didn't mention it, but I am fairly sure that your Facebook page has to be open, or they will ask you to log into your page.

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