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Wednesday, May 15, 2013

That Girl is Always Playing With Her Paints and Goofing Off

Sounds like me!

After working on my waterfall series, I didn't really feel like working on a "serious" project. I did want to keep painting, and I wanted to try something abstract. Also,it just so happens that I had just purchased a wonderful set of french curves by Alvin & Co. from Amazon. I wanted my next painting to have flowing graceful lines and I wanted to just play with the paints and colors. This particular painting is watercolor. I tried to bring the different colors together with one very light glaze of New Gamboge (to try to pull all the wild colors together a little) but I didn't want to totally lose the stained glass effect. I am not sure that New Gamboge was the best color to try over the Cerulean, but that is what I tried. And so, just for fun, I painted this:

French Curves

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