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Monday, May 27, 2013

Happy Memorial Day

Hope that today is a lovely day for everyone who has served, or had loved ones and/or friends who have served to keep our country safe and free.

This won't be a long post, but I wanted to share something that I had a chance to test out this past week. I bought my grand kids some of the Crayola Brand watercolor paints. I just happened to purchase them from Target, and no, neither Target, nor Crayola are paying me to say this. This is strictly my personal opinion, but I was so delighted with the results. The colors of the pigments are terrific and judging by working with these pigments everyday for a week, they mean what they say when they claim that they are washable. (They do cover themselves with a disclaimer that there could be something that might stain under the "right" circumstances). However, we didn't end up with stains on anything. Now these may not be archival quality paints, but with toddlers, you are looking for safe use and easy clean-up - not archival. If we really wanted archival, we would probably hire our kids/grand kids to paint our houses - but that is not very likely to happen.

At any rate, we had so much fun and with none of the stress and worry of ruining clothing or carpet. I was even amazed at how well we could "lift" the color off of the paper if we didn't like what we had applied. So, if your kids are bored today, you might want to wander over to any store selling the Crayola Brand of watercolor paints and give them a try. Each palette had its own self contained brush and the price couldn't be beat.

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