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Friday, November 1, 2013

How Do You Explain ...?

It is 54 days before Christmas and I find myself thinking about the Nativity - probably because I notice all the preparations for the different winter holidays that are celebrated here in the US. People are already running around buying gifts to give to friends and family. It is also 1 year, 1 month, and 8 days since the day that Matthew was born. Which brings me to the inspiration for my latest painting (started yesterday). It is based on a photo I took the summer before Matt-Man was born. My daughter was consoling her daughter over something that had upset her. And so the photo reminded me of so many paintings over the years of Mother and Child. I also knew that my daughter was trying to figure out how you explain Trisomy-13 to a toddler. Not an easy task.

For this painting, I am using the 3 sample tubes of Cobra water mixable oil paints that I got when I was at the demo at Asel's in Dallas. I have been rather curious about how these paints work. Like anything you try, I am sure there is a learning curve. I have noticed that you can purchase a medium by Cobra that would probably help to spread the paints and I hope to pick some up before the next painting (or maybe the next layer of this painting). The paint itself seems a little gooey (that may be true of all water mixable paints) and it may be that I should have added some water to my brush.

Here is the under painting. Once the under painting is dry, I will work on it again.

Under Painting
Under Painting

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