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Sunday, December 2, 2012

Ever Feel Like You Are In The Middle Of A Bamboo Jungle?

Ok, I'm back and my head is reeling! As I said before, thank goodness my kids are patient and they know about such things as Google, and HootSuite, and tags, and flash, and ... well, I think you get my point (by the way, is there a difference between a tag and a label)? I'm thinking that in my day and time a tag was something that hung off of your clothing if you were lucky enough to get a new outfit, a label was paper with gooey stuff on the back of it that you either wrote on with a pen or typed on with a typewriter, and the greatest worry you had was whether you accidentally forgot to cut the tag off of your clothing or sat on the gooey side of a label, and thus had it attached in an unwanted place to your clothes.

I'll admit that it might not be difficult to discourage me, but how many people even know the vocabulary that goes along with most of this stuff, much less the definition, so that they can even hope to formulate a question in order to get an answer? And the more that I search? Well, we won't even go there.

Then there is the fact that yesterday I already managed to mess up my site by trying to add something to it, and of course all I managed to get was a big mess. So then today, I had to try to straighten that out. I seem to have succeeded. I keep thinking, "Thank goodness the computer has become user friendly."

Right now, my grand-kids know more about this than I do, but I am determined to right this wrong. So next week you should see me back with you. By then I might have a better understanding of labels and tags (and hash tags?) - I don't even know if I am spelling that one correctly. The only thing I understand about hash tags is that they have something to do with Twitter. So, until next week, thanks for tuning in, or subscribing, or whatever it is that you do with a blog post!

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