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Thursday, March 17, 2016

Back To Experiments

Here I am on St. Patrick's Day, and I am back to my experiments. I have some acrylic art supplies on hand that I haven't gotten a chance to experiment with - some of my acrylic mediums mainly, and an acrylic spray paint. So today, I am playing again. I am using an inexpensive canvas so there is no pressure. I intend to layer so that if I don't like the 1st or 2nd layer, I can add another. Because it is a spring day, and because of the acrylic spray, I am outdoors. Also, because it is a spring day, the bugs are out. Luckily, some of the medium I am using is texture. Between the acrylic paint and the textured medium, I should simply be able to make use of the bugs as more texture for the painting. I have no expectations for this painting - other than to learn. 

Update: The last stage of the painting now seems to be dry. You have heard the saying, "Are we there yet?" I am trying to decide - is it there yet? We'll see.

Is it there yet?

1st step - light mist of acrylic spray
2nd step color and mediums

Hoping to get a better photo of this eventually.

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