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Tuesday, June 26, 2018

Sketchbook Drawing and Digital Experiment

Experimenting with Paint 3D digital program

Playing with drawings and digital experiments: in Tony's class we do quick, timed drawings in order to warm up. I decided that I wanted to play and experiment with this one. I transferred a line drawing of this to my sketchbook. Then, I wanted to experiment with the line drawing without messing up the drawing in my sketchbook with something that I might not like. I did a really quick experiment with the line drawing by transferring it into digital. I have decided that I want to experiment some more before making final changes to my sketchbook drawing.
Quick, Timed Drawings to Warm Up - Done in Tony Pro's Class, graphite on paper

Drawing in Strathmore Toned Gray Sketchbook 9" x 12" 80 lb paper, w/metalic gel pens and metalic Sharpie Markers

Digital Experiment in a digital paint program - Paint 3D

Paint 3D Digital Paint program - played with some of the tools and transparency settings

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