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Wednesday, October 13, 2021

Just A Little Update

You were promised an update

This is a little side excursion from my artwork. Coppini Academy took a break for August so that they could do their yearly maintenance. So when I got a call from my daughter about VIC Beauty Brand, a new beauty company that was just getting started, I went ahead and looked into it.

When these photos were taken, I was only using the skin care products. There are several different skin care combinations and offers. You can easily search the page for the best one for you. My skin needed to be firmed, toned, and hydrated.

I can give you more information later on the benefits of some of the ingredients, but for now, I just wanted to show you the results.

Right now we are offering a great special. Qualify for 1 - 3 individual items at 50% off.

If you purchase $100, you can get one individual item 50% off
If you purchase $200, you can get two individual items 50% off
If you purchase $300, you can get three individual items 50% off 
Limit of 3 items at 50% off

October Special 

Systems and collections count toward the $100 qualifying purchase amounts.
50% items must be single items. (Systems and collections are not eligible for 50% off)
50% items do not count toward the $100 qualifying purchase 

Beauty Partner boxes do not qualify toward the $100 qualifying purchase amount because they have already been deeply discounted to encourage New Beauty Partners to join.

Orders must be in no later than 11:59 pm PDT October 31, 2021.

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