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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Today, Do I Paint or Do I Market?

Today I am trying to decide, do I paint or do I market. That may sound like a really easy question to answer, but is it? I feel like I have so much to learn still in both of those areas. I still don't understand what a hash-tag is, or when and why you use one. I feel like I am trying to be a juggling act between painting, working a job, trying to learn how to market my own work, and my kitchen that keeps yelling out, "the dishwasher is almost empty and you have tons of rinsed dishes that need to be washed" (some exaggeration) - then there are the clothes that could stand to be washed or put away. Then there is some music that I need to make sure that I know. And, I'm sitting here trying to figure out how productive it would be to try to paint, and watch at the same time if I buy a month's worth of viewing time. She's got some great "how to" videos.

So, I guess the first thing on the list after this post will be the dishes because I have recently washed some clothes, and I can crank up the music so that I can hear it, while doing the dishes so that I will be prepared for that event. I would also like to finish the free video that provided. I am halfway through an 11 hr training video for the latest version of an older program that I have. You might say, "Why waste your time on it if your version is the older version?" I guess the answer is, I still get insights from the newer version, and right now my schedule and budget don't have room for the one month deal - but it is on the back burner, simmering.

It isn't Valentine's Day yet so I can't report on how well the Valentine T-shirts rated with the grandkids - you know, the T-shirts that have a cat on them. If you want to know the story on that, you are going to just have to read last week's post: Valentine's Day Is Coming.

Hope you got a chance to view Brian Neher's You Tube video last week. He has a great contest coming up soon. Actually, entries are already being accepted.

Hoping to work on my square oil painting that I started last week using leftover paint and a paper towel (for the paintbrush).  I'll try to share it next week.

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UPDATE:  Kitchen - MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!, Painting - composition partially solved and some rendering accomplished

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