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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Valentine's Day Is Coming


Today, I got a chance to do something rather fun. You see, Valentine's Day is coming up and I always used to give my kids a Valentine card. Then they grew up. Then, grand-kids came along. So lately, I have been trying to think of a fun idea that my grand-kids would like and also something practical that wouldn't make more work for their parents and might even be of some help in some way. And so, the T-shirt! You see I painted their cat into some of my paintings. He was actually watching the dog instead of a lobster and the expression was so amusing that I grabbed my camera and the rest was history. Only now, I decided that I wanted to give them a very special way to remember their cat (the cat is getting up there in cat-age years). So, I went to Cafe Press and invented my grand-kids T-shirts. Here I will share the special Valentine invention called Dinner T-shirt (because Dinner was the name of the painting).

Dinner T-Shirt "Dinner" Margo's Art by Margo Schwirian

Dinner T-Shirt "Dinner" Margo's Art by Margo Schwirian

This is one of the fun things about Cafe Press. If you don't want to open a store with them, then you can simply go in and make a one of a kind item and send it as a gift. I was able to order them each their favorite color. I am having to let go of my inclination towards color harmony in order to give them their favorite cat and their favorite color T-shirt together all in one. I would probably never choose to combine burnt sienna with purple or scarlet red unless I was able to make up a transitioning combination of the two. At any rate, I will now see if I can somehow show you the two T-shirts.

Well, this is the best I can do at this point. Hope you have enjoyed this and learned something new. By the way, if you are an artist, you might enjoy watching a new You Tube video by Brian Neher that gives some great tips about mixing possible flesh tones for portraits:  Link

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